Ontario Maple

A Sweet Ontario maple producer

White Meadows Farms

White Meadows Farms

Maple Syrup Producer, Wholesaler

Hosted by Richard & Amanda Bering

are open all year long, to serve you with the best quality maple products possible. We hand make many maple products right on the farm; from the
sweet to the savoury, we have something to please every taste bud. Free Tastings of our 4 grades of maple syrup, along with our other products
made with pure maple syrup. TOURS — The Sugar Bush Trek (March-April), Discover Maple (May-October) Relive the legend of Maple Syrup’s
discovery. Hop on our Sugar Shuttle tractor-pulled wagon and let our family take your family into the heart of our working sugarbush. In the
forest, follow in our sugar-maker’s footsteps as your guide leads you through the reimagined Native and Pioneer Camps of Maple Syrup’s rich
history, solves your maple mysteries, and sets you on your own exploration — Taffy in hand — to experience the best adventures of the sugar
bush. For all the details and to purchase tour tickets please visit our website.

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