Ontario Maple

A Sweet Ontario maple producer and pancake house

Ryan’s Sweet Maple

Ryan’s Sweet Maple

Maple Syrup Producer, Pancake House, Wholesaler

Hosted by Ryan Vandenberg

Ryan’s ‘Sweet Maple’ maple syrup is made from 100% pure maple sap. It is sold from our sugar house in Forest, year-round; either stop by or make an appointment to come and see us. We currently have 3,100 taps which yield 6,000 plus litres during an excellent year.

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8350 Rawlings Rd, Lambton Shores, ON N0N 1J2
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We will have tours of the sugar house (covid and weather permitting). You will be able see my new high tech sugaring operation. We will have just installed my new evaporator, man stainless steel looks good. We won’t be boiling, we only tap the trees and make syrup during February, March and April, but we will be take you through the process of collecting sap during a walk in the sugar bush, bringing the sap to the sugar house with underground lines, using reverse osmosis to remove 90% of water, and boiling in my new evaporator, to give the flavor we all so much enjoy.

Tour our museum, see how the first nations and pioneers tapped maple trees and made maple sugar (and soap). See the transition to one of the most modern production maple systems today.

Join us for a walk in the sugar bush, if the weather is right, and see giant puff balls (mushrooms), the leaves starting to turn color, the sap collection lines, the cabin (it has a porch with a rocking chair where granny can rock the day away, pioneer kettles used to make syrup, horse drawn sleigh and wooden barrel pioneers used to collect sap.