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Hubbert’s Maple Products

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Hosted by Lori, Bill, Sarah Hubbert and Xaver Kargl

This vibrant growing farm utilizes 18,000 taps on over 1,000 acres of farm woodlot. The health and wellbeing of the forest is a primary concern and source of pride during tours. While expanding the farm we continue to concentrate on making the best products possible. The syrup produced here has won three World Championships. Most recently for 2018 we were the Premier exhibitor in Maple at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto. In 2017 we won first on our top grade of syrup at the North American Maple Conference in Quebec. Our passion is quality and explaining to interested visitors the finer details of the process. We have been making Maple Syrup since 1861 with over 70 years at our current location. We have a multitude of products available all sweetened exclusively with our maple syrup.

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