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Elsie’s Creek Sugar Shack

Simcoe & District
Elsie’s Creek Farm

Maple Syrup Producer

Hosted by Carl Campitelli

“Elsie’s Creek is a first-generation, family-owned and operated Maple Syrup producing Farm. We purchased the property in 1987, started producing syrup as a hobby in 2000, and have continually grown over the years, now presently over 1000 taps. We are located in the heart of Simcoe County, beside the Copeland Forest, near Horseshoe Valley. Even though we are a smaller producer, we strongly believe in producing maple syrup as pure and naturally as possible. We have all the modern stainless steel evaporator and finishing pans as everyone else, but we exclusively fire ours with hardwood firewood. We still collect sap from the maple bush by creating natural gravity flow through our tubing, but we do not use reverse osmosis, which means more time the sap is boiling in the evaporator. This creates a slightly Darker syrup but one that is extremely full of flavor, worthy of an assortment of ribbons from the Royal Winter Fair. Come and visit, we will have our Farm in full operation, with guided tours of the Maple bush, the evaporator in action, syrup tasting, pancakes on the griddle, and of course Maple Syrup products for sale.”

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