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Poppa’s Sugar Shack

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Poppa’s Sugar Shack

Maple Syrup Producer

Hosted by Craig and Sandie Drury

Poppa’s Sugar Shack is a maple syrup operation reborn from a 20 year hiatus. We started back in the mid 70’s with my grandparents and mom and dad rrom very humble beginnings to a pipeline with 250 taps.

During university careers and kids we stopped making maple syrup in the 90’s only to restart again during COVID this year. Last year was our first year back with 120 taps and we produced 160 liters. Most of this was given away as gifts and only sold enough to cover expenses. This endeavor is absolutely one of passion for the Maple Bush and to be outdoors during one of the nicest times of the year. Understanding the Maple process is time to understand the Maple Bush and of the natural forces that go into a healthy tree.

I now get to do this with my kids and grandkids and share this passion with them.

We are looking forward to having visitors to “Poppa’s Sugar Shack” to see our humble operation and share our passion for maple syrup. Poppa’s Sugar Shack is just down the road from Chappell Farms.

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