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Blair Brothers Maples

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Hosted by Scott and Stacy Blair (along with their five children Olive, Henry, Penny, Harvey and Archie)

During March 2020, the Blair family, like millions of other families across Canada, found themselves forced to isolate at home as a worldwide pandemic swept across the nation. Living on their multi-generational Westport homestead, they quickly realized how blessed they were to have acreage to roam and woodlands to explore. Taking advantage of a slower-paced lifestyle, they decided to teach their children the art of creating maple syrup, something both Scott and Stacy did as children themselves. Their property is home to hundreds of sugar maples that have never been harvested. During their inaugural year, they not only boiled enough syrup to sustain their family needs for the year, but they also created memories and a budding passion for the production of maple syrup.

Over the next year, plans were put in place to create a sugar shack with all the necessary equipment to handle 800+ taps. With the addition of two more Blair Brothers in December 2020, ‘Blair Brothers Maples’ was officially born for the 2021 maple syrup season. Planning is well underway for their 2024 with the addition of a new evaporator and an expansion in their sugarbush to increase production!

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9277 County Road 42, Westport, ON K0G 1X0
(613) 453-2647
Join us for Maple Weekend,
April 6-7 2024

During sugar season, the Blairs use vacuum assisted pipeline that brings all the sap to one holding tank in the sugar bush. After collection the sap is brought to their sugar camp and is boiled in modern stainless steel pans over a wood burning evaporator. It is then filtered through a filter press and bottled.

Just steps from their sugar camp is Stacy’s bakery ‘The Pie Bar’ where she incorporates the use of their maple syrup in almost everything she bakes!

We hope you come visit our small family operation, enjoy some bakery goodies and help us celebrate our fourth season of boiling!

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