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From our family to yours: Make sure your maple syrup is “Sweet Ontario”

Here in Ontario, we take our maple syrup seriously! From tree to table, our maple syrup producers put their best into every bottle, clearly branded with our “Sweet Ontario” brand, just for you.

So why should you look for the Sweet Ontario brand when you’re buying your maple syrup?

At Ontario Maple, we understand that with so many different syrups available at your local grocery store, it can be tough to ensure syrup is locally produced with no additives or preservatives. The Sweet Ontario brand is our way of ensuring a product that is easily recognizable and symbolizes a quality product, forest sustainability, along with our guarantee that it is a 100 per cent pure maple product.

Ontario maple syrup producers are committed to using the cleanest and most efficient technologies to produce a unique syrup, one that reflects the terroir of the region, a true Ontario product. We’re always learning and advancing the science of maple syrup, while keeping our local roots in mind.

Here’s why you should make sure your maple syrup carries the Sweet Ontario brand:

  1. Support local

When you buy Sweet Ontario syrup you are purchasing a local product, one made on an Ontario farm, often close to home. Your syrup could have travelled only a few kilometres before ending up at your home, and there’s nothing more local than that! Pick up a bottle from a local producer and you’ll know you are doing your part in supporting local agriculture.

  1. Guaranteed pure (nothing added but love)

Maple syrup is so sweet and delicious why would you want to add anything to it? You’ll find that Sweet Ontario maple syrup is produced using clean, efficient technologies to extract sap and boil it down into syrup, with nothing added but love. When you use Ontario maple syrup on your pancakes or in baking, you can rest assured you are feeding your family and friends one of the purest farm products around. From sap to syrup, with nothing in between.

  1. It’s our gift to you

When we say “from our family to yours,” we mean it! Most maple syrup operations in Ontario are family run, often for multiple generations. These are the people who live and work in the communities all around you, so when you buy “Sweet Ontario” branded products, you are supporting the local families that help maintain the character of our rural areas.

The next time you pick up a bottle of maple syrup, take the time to look for the Sweet Ontario brand, and rest easy knowing you are buying the highest quality maple syrup around, produced locally, and with love, right here in Ontario.

This project was funded by the government of Ontario.


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