Visit a maple producer in your  area. You can't find one   that doesn't want to talk Maple!


Ontario Summer Tour 2015

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This year's OMSPA Summer Tour kicks off with a host of both local and international speakers. Be sure to plan to arrive in time for the opening ceremonies at 12:30 p.m. Thursday, July 9th, followed by a 'jam packed' schedule of speakers covering various aspects of maple.

You will hear the following speakers, staring at 1:00 p.m.:

Dr. Curtis Russell, Public Health Ontario speaking about 'Ticks and Lyme Disease in Ontario'. Learn the symptoms and how to take the proper preventative measures.

Dr. Brenda Murphy, Wilfrid Laurier University will be speaking about "Maple Syrup Innovative Toolkits". Come and hear what this topic is all about.

Dr. Mike Farrell, Cornell University, NY. Mike is the author of a book about Maple Syrup and will be talking about "How to Make Money at Sugaring". Pick up some tips to help grow your success.

Amrit Singh, University of Guelph. Amrit will be giving an informed talk on "In vitro Propagation and Genetic Improvement of Sugar Maples". Interesting concepts will be covered.

Glenn Goodrich, Goodrich Maple Farm. This Vermonter knows his stuff when it comes to maple. Glenn will be focusing on "How to Make Quality Maple Syrup" focusing on density, brix and hot packing, hot packing and more hot packing.

Todd Leuty and Paul Bailey, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. Todd and Paul will be provide an update on expanding Maple Production and OMAFRA update on regulatory planning. This impacts us all folks, so this is the place to hear what is happening on the regulatory side of things.
Burr Morse, a 7th generation Vermont hill farmer. Come hear about how their humble beginnings as a beef, dairy and vegetable operation turned into a international Maple Tourist destination......redefining success!

Tour Stops:


Annual General Meeting - Start time to be determined

Tours to start following the Annual meeting.

Rock Maple Lodge – Peter Hamilton
Peter and his wife have been on the farm for 44 years and tapped for the first time in 2013. They have approximately
3, 000, a wood fired evaporator and a 26 X 60 sugar house built for ‘free’ – interesting……
Come out and see the 11,000 tree plantation (not all maples).

Shady Grove Maple – Dan and Heather Goetz
In production for 15 years with 26,000 taps over 13 woodlots. CFIA inspected facility. Certified Organic for the 2016 season by Eco Cert. 6 post RO and a 6 X16 oil fired evaporator with steam-away. 40 retail and 60 wholesale. Custom boiling accounts for 1/3 of their boiling. Heather and Dan won the Premier’s Innovation Award.

They have been in production for 3 years and have 1200 taps. They have a small hobby sized evaporation for boiling on weekends and family fun. The majority of the sap is trucked to Shady Grove maple for processing.

Wagler Maple Products
Built a new facility for storage and packaging. One batch is approximately 250 gallons. This takes approximately 6 hours from start to finish. 3 ½ hours to heat and 2 hours to package.

Matthew Martin
This farm has been in the Martin family for over 100 years. Dominion Grimm 4 X 14 wood fired evaporator. 3400 taps. State of the art, must see sales show room.


Winding Road Maple – Dale and Paul Martin
Started in 1993, 9600 taps on tubing and vacuum. Wood fired Force 5 evaporator. Look forward to a good, old fashioned Mennonite breakfast here.

Snyder Heritage Farms – Kevin and Anne
Ancestors cleared the land. 3,000 on tubing and vacuum and wood fired evaporator.

Hoover’s Maple Syrup – Terry and Diane
Infected by sugaring at an early age. At 8 years old, Terry put in his first tap, the sweet elixir collected in a 'Jack and Jill' peanut butter pail, which is proudly displayed in our 'Maple, Moose, Farm Emporium'. With the help of OMSPA members, as questions came up, input was gathered, like drops of sap and his operation continued to grow and improve. Certified Organic by CSI. 1900 taps, 4 X 12 Hurricane, wood fired evaporator.

Maple Orchard Crisp Farms – Norman and Bernadine Horst
Bought from Albert Martin 14 ½ years ago. 1600 taps, wood fired evaporator and a beautiful apple orchard

Martin’s Apples
For years, the norm was 30 bushels to the acre. Find out how they are getting 300 bushels to the acre.


Visit for complete information and registration for this year's tour in Waterloo - Wellington